Hannah - Michigan State University Class of 2020

Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan

Some of you may recognize Hannah from a previous blog post, as she is my twin, but this time, it was her time to shine. Hannah graduated from Michigan State University's horse management program, and I am so proud. It takes a huge understanding of and passion for horses to want to work with them every single day.

Since Hannah couldn't walk the stage at the Breslin Center like she had originally anticipated, she and I took a mini tour of campus, taking her graduation portraits along the way. We started off near Sparty and Spartan Stadium, and ended at home, to take portraits with our dog (which was no easy feat, but so worth the hassle!). It was an unusually cool early May evening, but that didn't show in the portraits. The blossoms were all out, including the infamous tulip trees that cover the MSU campus. Of course I had to stop and pose her near one, because there are my absolute favorites, but I am in love with the color that they added to the classic green of her graduation gown.

Though it wasn't the graduation celebration we had originally planned, it was nice to walk around and admire the beauty that this old campus has to offer, and I'm in love with how well these portraits came out. Please enjoy this little snippet of my favorites from Hannah's graduation session (but if you want to scroll all the way to the bottom and see the doggo first, and then scroll back up to view the rest, I wouldn't blame you). Congratulations Michigan State University Spartans class of 2020. Go Green!

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Cap tossing shots are quickly turning into a new favorite of mine. Look at that joy!

Ruby is hands down my favorite graduate. Just look at that smile!

I will always encourage my grads to have pictures taken with their pets. They are such a special part of our lives, and I honestly believe that they play a huge part in getting us through large stressors, such as college!

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