A Spontaneous Trip to the Beach

Luna Pier - Michigan

Right before the shelter in place order was put in place in the state of Michigan, my school went on spring break. Little did I know, we would not be returning to school for the remainder of the semester, but at the time, it felt like a nice micro break from the heavy workload that comes with nursing school.

I didn't have any plans to travel, and thank goodness I didn't! However, I found lots of other ways to fill my days. One day, a friend and I decided to pick a spot on the map and drive. We wound up in the tiny beach town of Luna Pier. It was a cute little coastal town, barely on the map, but we had such a good time while we were there. The air was cold, but the water was colder, however, that didn't stop us from walking barefoot in the sand and dipping our toes in the lake. We also decided it was the perfect place to take updated head shots for the new website. I taught my friend how to use my camera, and she was able to snap a few shots of me, and I'm going to share them with you today.

Bri was kind enough to model for me for a few test shots, but I loved them so much that I kept a few. I thought this image looked so classic in black and white!

Last minute, I decided to pack a tulle skirt, and I'm so glad I did. Tulle skirts really elevate the look of any portrait, and I highly recommend all of my clients get one. The one I'm wearing came from Amazon - but if you don't want to purchase one of your own, I'll always be willing to loan mine out to a client who wants tulle in their portraits!

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